NeuroScience, Inc., is pleased to introduce ACTIVATE by C8 Sciences, an innovative program for training executive function. ACTIVATE is a cross-training fitness program for your brain.

ACTIVATE is composed of simple computer games that grow in complexity and speed, adapting automatically to each user’s performance.  The games stimulate areas of the brain that strengthen skills that make up executive function.

Executive function skills predict success in managing information and the routine tasks of everyday life.  ACTIVATE is designed to improve eight specific executive functions: sustained attention, cognitive flexibility, working memory, processing speed, pattern recognition, multi-tasking, and self-regulation.

ACTIVATE can help if you:

  • Act without thinking

  • Have trouble keeping feelings in check

  • Have trouble adjusting to unexpected events

  • Have trouble keeping information in your mind

  • Have trouble with time management

  • Have trouble making a plan and sticking to it

  • Have trouble starting a project/assignment

  • Have trouble keeping track of things, both physically and mentally


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