Adaptive College Experience (ACE) Program

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Adaptive College Experience (ACE) Program

Adaptive College Experience (ACE) Program

Group Leader:  Sajjad A. Khan, PhD, LCSW

Program Overview

The program is intended for students with symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder (including Asperger’s), and/or ADHD or Anxiety. The focus is on adaptive skills for the college setting, including organization, self-regulation, and social skills.

The ACE group uses evidence-based approaches from both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).   The group provides a supportive, interactive, and experience-based forum for planning and discussing challenges related to the transition to college.

Participants will have opportunities to role play, discuss common challenging scenarios, and have practice assignments.


  • To understand necessary components of executive function, including time management, sequential task performance/study habits, and sustained attention

  • To learn strategies for self-regulation, including impulse control, thought monitoring/mindfulness, and stress management skills

  • To learn social skills, including self-advocacy, peer interactions, and confidence building


  • Duration and Cost

    Twice monthly for 8 sessions
    $125 per session


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