Adaptive Skills Training for Students with Disabilities Transitioning to College

Sajjad A. Khan, Ph.D., MSW, LCSW, will be presenting “Adaptive Skills Training for Students with Disabilities Transitioning to College,” on

October 26, 2019, at 9:30 AM
Future Quest Conference, on the Fairfax Campus of George Mason University, in the Johnson Center.

This is a college career conference for middle school and high school students with disabilities, their families, and the professionals who work with them.

Recent data suggests that a large proportion of special needs students transitioning to college are underprepared for the numerous challenges that accompany the first-year experience. These can include challenges in receiving reasonable accommodations, self-disclosure of disabilities, self-advocacy, time management, self-regulation of core symptoms, and navigating the peer environment. Targeted training in Executive Function skill development, self-regulation and mindfulness, and social skills coaching can provide foundational adaptive skills to help curtail many of these inherent challenges.

Registration information and other conference details can be found on the following link:

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